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Find Badis for a Transaction

With the following Steps Badi’s and User Exits can be found:

For Example use Transaction VA01.

  • Use SE93 and enter VA01 click display, to get the package „VA“.
  • Use SE84 > Enhancements >Business Add-ins >Definitons >Package as VA >F8

You will get all BADI’s related to the selected transaction

see also: <>


Create Implicit Enhancement in SAP

  • Search programm you want to enhance.
    e.g. Program „SAPMV50A“
  • Select a specific form in a subroutine
  • Goto „Edit / Enhancement Operations / Show Implicit Enhancement Options“
    „Emphasizes“ show the places of possible implicit enhancements

  • Select a specific place for the enhancement and click „Enhance (Shift+F4)“
  • Goto „Edit / Enhancement Operations / Create Implementation“

  • Enhancement is added in coding at the selected place. Custom Coding can be added here